AK-401s and Time for Reflections

A Self Portrait

It was the first morning of my second week at the cabin. Dan and I had completed our marathon drive up, the day before. I was still wearing my Clyde’s t-shirt from the all day drive before. I hadn’t even eaten breakfast. I went out to the car to get something or another. It had rained on our way up from the bridge. Come to think of it maybe I went out to the car to unload my bicycle. I had left it on the bike rack all night. I figured that it had already been thoroughly soaked on the drive north across the UP the night before so, I left it to face the night. While I was futzing around with my bike and the car, Mister Bill came over to converse. He was headed into town to drop off some furniture at Habitat for Humanity. He asked if I wanted to come along and I said yes. His green Frog-Hopper and accompanying rumble down wagon were all loaded and ready to go, so I grabbed my wallet, iPhone and Tevas and was ready to go too.

Back in the day our conversations dwelled upon girls and guns. This is my weapon and this is for fun. [I think I might have the order reversed there.] That day it was all 401Ks and retirement plans. I guess it isn’t only our hair that has gone grey. I took this picture in the parking lot of Habitat. Bill had run in to talk to the staff before we unloaded. I was left for a moment to my own devices. The fenced in lot was strewn with salvaged house parts. A motel must have been scavenged, because there were way too many identical bathroom mirror cabinets. There was one larger than the rest bathroom mirrors propped up on the parking lot’s cracked asphalt. With Queen Anne’s lace peeking around the mirror’s edge, I got an acceptable self-portrait.

Like most of my guy’s conversations, we set off to solve the problems of the world and settle for feeling self-satisfied. Before we declared victory and went home, we stopped by Fran’s old house; I got to look around one last time. We did some shopping at Glen’s and then it was back to the beach. I had my whole last week of summer vacation ahead of me at that point. Upon further reflection, it felt glorious. Yes, this post’s picture is obviously an iPhone photograph. 😳

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