Grey Is a Sophisticated Color

Seagulls in the Fog – Grey Is a Very Sophisticated Color

Dan left on Wednesday. He jetted back to LA. That town was just trembling in anticipation of his return. A series of small tremors shook a wide swath of SoCal late Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning, with noticeable shaking reported as far south as San Diego and north to Thousand Oaks.

Dan has another art show later this month. He has an interview this week with another art gallery this week. He described it as a gallery that has been around for a while and one that has shown now important LA artists in the past. There is an opening for a visiting artist at one of the local universities. He also spoke of a modeler position. I assume this would be to make props for movies. Anyway, he still has his cat-sitting gig for a few more weeks.

It was good to see him while we could back east here in the Lou and at the Cabin. I think that he enjoyed visiting all his friends and relatives, haunts and the cabin. We hope to see him again as early as Halloween or as late as Thanksgiving.

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