I Got My Name In Lights


I painted my name in lights and it only took a single red LED to do it. I’d open the shutter, run around in front of the camera, spell out the letters, and then rush back to the camera to close the shutter. I had to spell out the letters backwards, because I was doing this, while facing the camera. This shot was my first and best shot, maybe because on subsequent attempts, I tried to paint longer and more complicated words.

I shot this photo last night on the beach. This led to a rather late night, followed by an even later morning. Anne and I managed to squeeze in a beach walk in what was left of the morning. Then it was off to town, for Clyde’s and a few errands. Clyde’s, a traditional drive-in, was founded in 1949. We got lunch to go and then went next door to Goose Poop Park, really the rotary park. Those feathered denizens from Canada and their tailings weren’t in much evidence, but the seagulls were.

These gulls must have been fed before, because they certainly expected something from us and our Clyde’s. We found a park bench and guarded our food while we ate. After a couple of fishing boats passed down bound, Dan asked which way the current was flowing. Anne decided to show him instead of telling. She found a stick and threw it into the water. Unfortunately, she still held an onion ring in her other hand. The combination of the thrown object and the displayed food drove the gulls into a frenzy. The seagull’s reaction was a little bit frightening, shades of Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds”. We quickly finished our lunch, ran the rest of our errands and repaired back to our beach, a beach where the gulls are more respectful of humans. We’ll have no truck with them city gulls. We much prefer our country gulls.

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