Rumrunners and Revenuers

Mom, You Didn’t Need to Callout the Coast Guard!

Gone to town. Recycling, laundry, a little shopping – Bugs & Horsey

This was the note written for Anne, that I eventually found. Anne managed to catch the laundry bus, just in the nick of time. Dan and I got a pass on laundry this week. I guess we are too transient. Dan and I eventually caught up with them at Penny’s Kitchen for lunch. On the way back, on 6 Mile, we encountered a Sandhill Crane in the middle of the road. I pulled over, fumbled with the camera and missed the shot. Too bad, because I really need a Sandhill, to complete this summer’s birding catalog.

When we got back to the beach, it was all about boating. Bill, my Anne and I kayaked over to Birch Point to see the Ospreys, but they had flown the coop and were there no more. I’m so pleased that I cataloged them two weeks ago. Dan, after much cajoling on his part, got the adults, also-known-as the new old people, to help him launch the Whaler. He got underway, with a bike lock cable as substitute for broken marine hardware. We helicoptered parent his launched. Not really, we had our back to him all the way out. When we turned around, it was a good thing that he was doing fine, because we were way too far away to intervene. We all made it safely into shore.

Dan launched again and this time safely sailed around Round Island. Mom and I were worried about Dan, but did not call the Coast Guard. While he was gone, a Canadian Grandma and her two grandchildren washed up on our shore. The Sea-Doo they were riding had ingested rocks and fouled itself off Round Island, what they call Seagull Island across the bay.

Dan landed again and then recovered his sails. The Canadian grandma eventually contacted her husband, who had been denied crossing by the US Coast Guard. In addition to the pictured cutter, there was a zodiac cruising up and down the channel. It stopped both Michigan and Canadian boaters. She pointed out her cabin across the way, which is only a mile away. Her husband and son arrived and eventually fixed the Sea-Doo and they traveled home. All the while, they never left the water. It must be a rumrunner & revenuer thing.

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  1. Thanks for the update and the full story about the stranded water lice. What a PITA it has become re the border crossing. Especially if one is trying legitimately to help a family member’s disabled watercraft!

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