Sandpiper Sunset

Sandpiper Sunset

I’m at the cabin now, “and I can see Canada from my house!” I launched yesterday at uh-oh-dark-thirty, which is way earlier than oh-dark-thirty. Just to give you an idea of how early that was, I passed Champaign at sunrise. My launch was even earlier than you masters of Midwest geography might think, because I made the mistake of finishing off the OJ. There was a wee bit more than just one glass left in the carton. Illinois rest stops are a little bit sketchy in those last few hours before dawn. It might have been better to water the parched corn. At my first rest stop in Michigan, a native couple, driving a sporty little buggy said to me, “Welcome to Michigan! I see by your license plate that you are not from around here. Enjoy your stay.” Who says that Friday the 13th has to be an unlucky day?

So, I left Sweat Louis and it is still hot up here. Harry says that the water is warmer this year. I say that like coffee and beer, a warmer Lake Superior is an acquired taste. I’m on my third or fourth dip by now and am acquiring the lake’s warmth as we settle into equilibrium.

Some of my buddies at work are also camera enthusiasts. We call ourselves the ‘Real’ [company name deleted] Camera Club. A major thread entwined among our photos is dark sky photography. I have high hopes for demonstrating my astronomical chops on this vacation. To this end, even after driving a gazillion hours, I set out towards the beach after eleven. Unfortunately, this initial attempt met with inclement weather, it was cloudy, it was cloudy with mosquitos.

Today’s activities included an early morning walk that began with startling loons. I was more startled, because I did not get the shot. The rest of the day was whiled away with other bird paparazzi like behavior. We ‘borrowed’ Kayak Woman’s and the GG’s kayaks and paddled over to Birch point to check out the Osprey nest, thank you, kind Sir and gracious Madame. On the way back, we saw mergansers and loons. The rest of the day was consumed with swimming, beaching, lunch and high tea. I’m settling into cabin life. Did I mention that ‘I can see Canada from my house’?

5 thoughts on “Sandpiper Sunset

  1. KW & GG left their purple & green kayaks up there? I know there are 2 yellow ones up there that are the Cabin’s (well, ok, I think I still own one of them….). Just, I discovered that there’s only one unbroken set of paddles that I’m aware of (I need to locate a new set).

  2. @Karen, we ‘borrowed’ a purple and yellow kayak. The purple one was obviously Mr. Bill’s. Today is looking likely to make us repeat offenders. 😉

    • Hey! I wanna go, too!! But, I get to sit in the SE Michigan scorching heat and sell Duck Race tickets at the GB Market instead :-P.

      Have fun!!!

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