Doelle’s Dock and an Empty Beach

Doelle’s Dock and an Empty Beach

It’s not quite the land of the midnight sun, more like 10 PM. Anne, ‘my northern correspondent’, is there and sent along the above photograph. This picture shows ‘the beach’ from the vantage of its far end, the wild end. Doelle’s dock is the family name for the old lighthouse keeper’s dock. To the left, just out of the photo’s frame is the old lighthouse keeper’s house. It still stands, but the lighthouse that the keeper once attended to has fallen apart. In truth, it was not a lighthouse per se, but a pair of range or navigation lights. It looks like a beach day!

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  1. Actually, the front range light structure was severely vandalized in the 1960s or early 70s by some local teenagers who were renting the Stevens’s yellow cabin (now Paulette’s).

    The back range light fell over all on its own.

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