Good Versus Evil


It was another triple-digit day here in the Lou, one of too many in the past and to many in the forecast. I put Anne on the bus this morning, the megabus. The bus behind her has already landed her safely in Chicago. There she’ll make her connection to Michigan. Later tonight, she’ll arrive in Ann Arbor, where her sister Jane or her parents or maybe both will pick her up. After the fourth, Anne and her folks will journey north to their cabin on Lake Superior.

I went to work today, but there is nothing to say about that. Since this post is already pretty much about Anne, I might as well go along with that flow. A couple of days ago, Anne sent an email call out to her two sisters. She wanted them to bring the t-shirts she had got them, to the cabin this summer. A couple of years ago, she found these t-shirts that said, “I can’t remember whether I’m the good sister or the evil one.” She bought one for each sister and herself. Here is a picture of Anne and her other sister Jay and two sister/beach-urchins wearing these t-shirts.

I think that Jay is pretty much onboard with Anne’s plan and the whole t-shirt thing. Here is Jay’s response to Anne’s evil call-out of, “Bwa-ha-ha!”

On the good side:

  • You painted the bathroom
  • You’re going to help the ‘rents open the cabin

On the evil side:

  • You are escaping Sweat Louis
  • You’re leaving you husband to fend for himself

Jay goes on to say, “I just don’t know …, but I will be bringing my shirt. I always manage to get at least one comment when I wear it out and about.” Jane’s response seems more circumspect, “I don’t have to create a bullet pointed list to know which one I am.” I guess that we’ll put her down as a maybe on this whole t-shirt thing. 😉

I don’t blame Anne on her successful escape from Saint Louis. If the tables were turned, I’d be gone in a flash. Eventually, but none too soon, I too will join Anne in the Great North. Until then, I’ll just have to sweat it out here.

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