Male Blindness

Sunrise at Pagoda Circle

I was bicycling in Forest Park this morning and because of a moment of male blindness, I almost became an over-the-bar blood donor and nearly did some spring planting. In cases like this, cases involving an involuntary dismount, how you endo and where you auger can make all the difference between life and death. Fortunately, I am still alive and well, and able to write this post.

Let’s try this again in English. My male blindness occurred in this case, not from staring into the sun, like in the photograph above, but when this male cyclist was distracted by a very ‘fit’ looking female runner. I was going into a curve and when I regained situational awareness, I was steering into the oncoming bicycle lane. A bent (recumbent) driver just so happened to be right there. Mama don’t let your sons grow up to be a bent drivers. Boy did he look surprised. If I had endoed, or flew over my handlebars, it would have been to auger into his lap. My involuntary dismount (crash) would have been bad for me, but much worse for him. I’m not sure which one of us would have been the bigger over-the-bar blood donor, him or me. I felt like such the Fred afterwards. A Fred with too much Lycra and titanium and not enough cycling skills. Beat me Baby, eight-to-the-bar.

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