Honey, I’m Home!

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I had an epiphany at work today; I calculated the number of working days left until my next vacation. I mention this discovery with pride, because tomorrow the forecast holds that the mercury will hit 108 °F. Yes, that is correct, one-oh-eight. It should be a new record. We had some visitors in at work this week, from the Southwest, like in the desert. They were so glad that they were getting out-of-town, before the heat set in. Not that it is any cooler where they hail from, in the desert, but there at least it is a dry heat. Here, the humidity is supposed to be 70%. I can’t even imagine what the heat index is going to be.

Anne too is counting down the number of days that she has left until she leaves town. Let me help you guess, it is way fewer for her than for me. Don’t worry though, because Saint Louis will give her a warm sendoff. She has promised that she would finish painting the bathroom, before she left for ‘The Cabin’. To that end, I took my first shower in weeks in our newly painted bathroom. Previously, I’ve been using the little homebuilt shower stall in the basement. This morning’s shower was luxurious by comparison. She still has a little bit of cleanup to complete, but I’m not worried. She wouldn’t leave without finishing the job, like she promised she would. 😉

This vacation’s destination is not sunny California, like the last ones was, but the northern wilds of Michigan. Anne’s family cabin is on the shores of Lake Superior, not too far from Sault Ste. Marie. “I can see Russia Canada from my house!” This lakefront property enjoys a beautiful sandy beach that is nestled between two tree-lined points. Last year, one point had an osprey nest and the other one had a Bald Eagle nest. ‘The Cabin’ is a 1920-ish log cabin that has been updated with all of the modern conveniences, like indoor plumbing. Best of all, Anne’s family will be there, my in-laws and outlaws.

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