Boyz of Noize No More

A Hand Extended

In this picture Dave is extending a helping hand to Dan, his older brother. Dave is already on top of a boulder and Dan is scrambling up to join him. Anne snapped this photo. The place is Yosemite and the time is last month. We were all on a family vacation together, the first such in many years. A great time was had by all and it was over all too quickly.

Both Dan and Dave have grown to be fine young men. Pardon my chest thumping, but just a few days after Father’s Day, I think that I am entitled. Don’t get me wrong though, I don’t claim full credit or even the lion’s share of credit for how well they have both turned out. The lion’s share of credit belongs to their mother, my wife, the lioness at the heart of this family. If Anne gets first bill then Dan and Dave should get equal shares of second billing. They have both made wise choices in their lives and taken responsibility for their futures. I’m proud to settle for third billing on our family marquis.

Relatives and long-term friends might remember that the brotherly love demonstrated in the picture above wasn’t always present. They weren’t nicknamed the ‘boys of noise’ for nothing. They use to squabble and fight with abandon. Now they act together, like well, loving brothers. I should have posted this picture last Sunday, Father’s Day, but instead I’ll consider it a belated Father’s Day and Mother’s Day present. Pardon me, while I now burst with pride. 😉

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