Hottie, Hot, Pardie*

Ronald McDonald

Last night, Nik Wallenda, one of the flying Wallendas walked across Niagara Falls on a tightrope. This was a nationally televised event that garnered much press. My brother Chris, had sent me three photos of the Wallendas, last year, when they performed in Santa Cruz. I had posted these on the blog last year. When I check my blog’s statistics this morning, I was surprised by the large number of hits that it had gotten, all in just one night. I saw that these new-found hits were on the photos of the Wallendas and put two-and-two together. The most surprisingly aspect of this phenomenon was that 99% of the hits were not for the two previously linked to pictures, but for the photograph of Erendira Wallenda. Poor Nik’s came in a distant third and he was the one who had to walk across the waterfall. 🙄

“It’s toasty today”, “No, it’s steamy”, they argued heatedly.

Anne and I did our usual bicycle routine in the park before noon today. Toasty or steamy, it is going to be a hot one today. We encounter a charity bicycle ride to benefit the local Ronald McDonald House, led by you know who. Their numbers were too much for us, so we bailed from the bicycling trail and hit the road. That structure that we encountered the last weekend in the Deer Lake portion of the park is now complete. I thought that it was going to be a wedding chapel, but it turns out that it is a self-described “pop-up” restaurant. It calls itself the Demitasse Underground Restaurant or Demitasse 665 and it will only be open for a total of six nights, through next weekend. There looked to be seating for about twenty people. This is not your normal restaurant’s business model.

“That is sweat dripping off my nose”, she said snottily.

Certainly, our dance card was full this weekend. Surely, we went to a birthday party Friday night and Saturday night, we have a retirement party to attend. Truly, Friday’s birthday party for Captain Don, our captain of Team Kaldis was a very grand affair. It was held on the wide wrap around veranda of the Black Finn, a fine new restaurant at the north end of the Galleria. Verily, in addition to ‘O Captain, my Captain’, all of the other Ons were present too. When Dave was younger, I would come home and ask for messages. He would say that one of the Ons [Don, Ron, John] had called. He never bother to differentiate between any of them, so his messages were less than informative, par Dé by God.

Tonight’s party is for Linda Henke. Linda is retiring as Superintendent of the Maplewood-Richmond Heights School District. Linda presided over the turnaround of our school district from receivership, the graduation of both of our sons and Anne’s employment for many years. We look forward to celebrating her achievements and career.

* Certainly; surely; truly; verily; originally an oath, par Dé.

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