Happy Isles Fen’s Dappled Horsetail

Noun: A person or thing seen as comparable to another.
Adjective: Relating to or using signals or information represented by a continuously variable physical quantity such as spatial position or voltage.

Anne, a person beyond compare, is up to her elbows in paint. She is painting our bathroom, which was in great need of repainting. With the installation of a new electric vent last month, we now hope that this time around, a newly repainted bathroom will not be quickly marred by mold and peeling paint. This has happened all too many times in the past. So far, she has scraped away the loose paint, cleaned away the mold with bleach, spackled in the cracks and holes and sanded down the rough edges. Today, she taped around the edges of the walls and installed tarps to cover-up the bathroom’s tile-work and started painting the bathroom.

Every night, when I come home from work I get to survey what she has wrought that day. We all live in a digital world. I spend most of my work-day staring at a computer screen and after work, like right now, I am doing it again. While, Anne’s work is physical and tactile, very analog, or should I say, Anne-O-Log. Another thing is our relative work commutes. I have to drive 20 miles to Saint Chunk. Anne only has to walk into the bathroom.

The photo with this post was taken in Yosemite, in a portion of the park called Happy Isles. The Happy Isles has a mountain stream that flows through it and is bracketed by the steep cliffs of a side canyon off of the valley floor. A portion of this area features a mountain fen. The horsetail plants that grow in the fen’s waters are dappled by the reflected sunshine.

Also, thanks for all of the nice comments. I apologize for my self-pity party. Still, it was well rewarded. 😉

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