48 Hours

Me, My Bicycle and My Shadow

Tuesday was election day and Anne worked the polls as an election official. This means that she had to get up at four-in-the-morning. Doing so woke me up too. When she left before five, I got up then. I got ready to bike and launched a few minutes later. I have not ridden in the predawn hours for quite some time. This time of year, there is enough light to ride without bike lights. It was good to get out on the bike again at this early hours. It was chilly enough that I was glad that I was wearing a vest. Some of the long time dawn denizens of the park took note of my reappearance. The prodigal bicyclist had returned. I got 15 miles.

When Anne works the polls it is always a long day. She didn’t return home until after I had finished my transit of Venus photography adventure. So, she worked from dawn to dusk, or rather from predawn to after sunset and at this time of year that makes for a very long day. The sewer district proposal passed in a landslide, which is a good thing. Unfortunately, the news from Wisconsin was not so good. Governor Walker was not recalled, but at least the Democrats retook the state senate. That ought to shut Walker down. Walker’s rescue from recall just goes to show that America has the best government that money can buy.

This morning, when five o’clock rolled around again, I summoned the strength to go biking once more. I got another 15 miles. I guess that you could say that I am in training for the company’s annual fitness challenge, which starts the next week. Anne was understandably still too tired from her election day exertions and didn’t ride, but when I got home tonight she was in full bathroom scraping mode. See the picture of her below. It has been a busy two days and I still have mow the lawn. 😳

Happy Birthday, Rey!

Anne Scraping the Bathroom

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