What About Dave?

David Sleeps with the Seals

Anne noticed a certain similarity between the harbor seals on the beach and Dave in his sleeping bag. A little bit of PhotoShop and we can all visualize this similarity. In case you can’t pick him out from the crowd, he is the one in the lower righthand corner. As I write this post, Dave sleeps. Below, is a photo of Dave’s namesake avenue in Monterey.

UPDATE: David is up! Time to pack and then on to San Francisco.

David Ave

2 thoughts on “What About Dave?

  1. Where did you end up deciding to stay? If you want a nicer but not TOO expensive dinner go to Beretta! Take the N to the Outer Sunset; get coffee, cinnamon toast, and a coconut at Trouble Coffee and walk to the beach!

    Sorry I missed you guys 🙁

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