Wonder Woman

1941 Cadillac Fleetwood Sixty Special Hood Ornament

In movie theaters around the country this weekend, super heroes prowl the aisles. “The Avengers” opened on Friday, to meh reviews, but one need not resort to comic book heroes, because there are real life heroes. I submit for your consideration, one my heroes, Anne. As action heroes go, she is not endowed with any of the usual super powers. Winged woman aside, Anne cannot fly, well, except on Southwest. Even then her airplane is not invisible, but bright orange. She doesn’t have Superman’s X-ray vision, but after almost ten years of teaching, she does have something akin to Wonder Woman’s truth finding powers. Anne doesn’t need to use any of Wonder Woman’s kinky bondage schtick though, no lasso or whip for her. Plus, she is wicked smart. Do you know that she counted to infinity, twice? 😉

Anne and I spent the day bicycling the trails of Madison County. After yesterday’s too hot city ride, we thought that getting out into the country would be the ticket. It was a lot cooler there and not having to stop at a million red lights, kept the breeze flowing. We chose a fairly shady course, which helped. In Edwardsville, we stopped at Annie’s Frozen Custard. We each had the Lemony Snicket. They were great and very lemony, but maybe sharing one would have been better? 

On the way back, Anne had a close call, when through a momentary lapse of attention she rode off the bike trail. The trails are paved asphalt, but they still sit upon the old bermed railroad bed. When she departed from the pavement, she got caught up in the gravel, but managed to keep the bike upright. A mile later a deer bounded across the trail, just in front of us. Oh, dear! We got 27 miles.

Tonight, we’ll go out for dinner. A nice romantic dinner for two, at Cyrano’s, in Webster. Oh, I almost forgot to mention this, Happy Birthday, Anne!

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  1. Happy Birthday Pooh! Thought of you, but not in a place or time that was good for connecting, and it seems you were out today too.

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