Happy Domesticity

Anne had Friday off, there was no school. I worked, but when I came home. I noticed that things were different. Anne had vacuumed the house, cleaned the bathroom, done the laundry and finished the taxes. She had also met with a contractor about installing a vent in the bathroom. Saturday morning, we shopped together for Easter dinner. We are going to cook instead of going out, mainly because it is more convenient. Later, I mowed the grass keeping us out of lawn court for another week. Between Anne’s Herculean efforts and my pro bono yard work, by noon on Saturday, all of our chores were done. It was time to go cycling.

Multifloral Tulips

We biked over to the gardens. On the way over there we saw the first egret of the season. It was a Snowy, but spooked and flew away too fast for me to get its photo. On the way back, we saw two Great Egrets and got good photographs of each of them. The one pictured below is the first of the two. On the way out, we also saw a couple of Team Kaldis members, Mary A. and Dr. Mad. We also saw a pair of STL bike cops in the Grove. On the way back we saw Bill A. If Mary and Bill exchanged notes, they might have thought that we rode all afternoon. We didn’t and we only got 15 miles.

1st Egrets of the Season

The botanical gardens were gorgeous. Everything was in bloom. Pictured are some of the tulips, but the irises were just as pretty and are out a month earlier than usual. There were lots of other people snapping pictures there too, but we got our fair share of photographs. The parking lot was full, but we just breezed in with our bicycles. They are done refinishing the parking lot and the bike racks are officially installed, anchored into the pavement and not just screwed to a pair of two-by-fours. There was a large bicycling family there when we returned to the racks, six kids, plus mom and dad. They had two cargo bikes that were loaded with supplies for the outing. Another bike had two child seats on it and a fourth had a tag-a-long connected. Only one child’s bike was not burdened. This was one serious biking family.

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