The Hunger Pangs


It has been a rough week here in RegenAxe-land. Part of the problem was of our own making, two late-night work-nights; left us feeling sleep deprived all week. Still we enjoyed hearing the Rep’s Ignite! readings. Anne had a bad day at school and has had a lot of trouble trying to shake her cold. Near the end of the week, these three maladies combined to make Anne feel low. In stepped me with the perfect prescription, a copy of “The Hunger Games”.

Anne is a sucker for a good read and with teaching high school has developed a taste for young-adult fiction. So with the hubbub surrounding “The Hunger Games” movie opening, I knew I had the quicker picker upper in hand, and I was right. The reason this post is going out so late, is that I had to finish the book too. Now we’re both ready to catch the movie. Say tomorrow?

Friday night we went out to dinner. I wanted to checkout Big Shark. I need a new pair of bibs, but their spring wardrobe hasn’t arrived yet. I have two gift cards and a coupon that are burning a hole in my hand. It matches the hole in my existing bibs. Instead of going to Pi, we went to a new noodle place next door, the Chinese Noodle Cafe. Anne had a huge bowl of their seafood noodle soup. I had their crispy beef, which was just as good as Yen Ching’s.

Saturday, we biked around the park and then over to the west-end to Left Bank Books. Anne needed to pick up a book there. I read while she shopped. Afterwards, we enjoyed a little something at Duff’s. I had a bowl of gumbo and Anne had a grilled cheddar sandwich, with apple slices and caramelized onions. She shared her homemade slaw with me, but not her pickle. It was a gorgeous day. We enjoyed patio seating. The CWE was crawling with KU fans. We got 16 miles. So what’s for dinner?

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  1. I just picked up a copy of “The Hunger Games”, based on the reviews of the book by several people. However, still need to finish my ebook, “1Q84”, which is a Japanese sci-fi/fantasy type of novel.

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