Old Town, Saint Chuck

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Old Town is the original downtown part of Saint Chuck, or more formally, Saint Charles, MO. It was the site of the original state capital of Missouri, before it eventually moved to Jeff City. I mean Jefferson City. There has always been something about Saint Louis that has rubbed the rest of Missouri the wrong way. When the state first formed, the out-state delegates to the first state convention, or those not residing in Saint Louis, refused to allow the state capital to be situated in Saint Louis. It ended up just across the Missouri River in Saint Chuck. When the Civil War came along, Missouri’s persecution of Saint Louis kicked into high gear and continues to this day, but that is a story for another blog post.

Anne drove out to Saint Chuck and met me for lunch. OBTW, I call Saint Charles, Saint Chuck, because IMHO, it is chuck full of rednecks, hillbillies and Republicants, but at least in Old Town there is a semblance of civility and culture. Speaking of culture, we had lunch at the Trailhead Brewery. Trailhead sits on the south end of Old Town and is a stone’s throw from the Katy Trail. Now that the weather is getting warmer, we’ll have to make it back out there for biking. Here, “getting warmer” is a bit of an understatement, we’ve set multiple temperature records this week, climbing up into the eighties. Not bad for early March. I hope though that this record-setting pace does not continue into July.

So, lunch at a micro-brewery and me with nothing, but ice tea. Anne had a beer, but I had a hot afternoon on the gridiron to look forward to. Ding! Grid is still not done. We had lunch on one of the patios, which are now four-season. After lunch, I went back to work. Anne indulged in some shopping therapy; she is only now recovering from her cold. Damn those runny nosed gutter snipes! Old Town is chuck full of all sorts on little shops. I hope that my repetitive use of the word chuck hasn’t caused anyone to up-chuck. She found one of her favorite quilting stores and then a loved knitting shop, even though it had moved down the block. She sat right down and began knitting there for a while.

We had our first tornado drill at work, which considering this evening’s weather outlook, seems rather apropos. Anne pretty-much made it home, before the rains came and I at least made it to my car. Rain washed highways, make for a very long slog home. The weather forecast for tonight includes a lot of heavy bass and long drum solos. Rock-On!

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  1. I drink at the Old Town. but that’s a different place. and we had quite a storm yesterday late afternoon/evening. it struck me that one of the weird things about this storm (aside from having a tornado in Michigan – which is fairly rare. and in March to boot.) was how long it took. they often just swarm in and swarm out. this one lasted for two hours or so. luckily the rain let up before trapping me in my parking spot. a few more feet up the street and I wouldn’t have been able to get out safely.

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