California Dreaming

This is Ghost-Rider Requesting a Fly By ...

Yesterday, we garnered “mad props” or many kudos, for being out and about on our bicycles. Today, I barely made it out of the house and Anne not at all. So to say that Sunday was a lazy day, would be an understatement. I did make reservations at Camp Curry in Yosemite National Park. This will be one of our stops on this summer’s tour of California. The progenitor for this trip is Dan and his impending graduation. In addition to Yosemite and Dan’s graduation, we also plan to visit all of our relatives in California.

Founded in 1899, by the Curry brothers, Camp Curry is now a park lodging concession. We will be spending two nights in one of Camp Curry’s tent cabins. The reservation page’s pictures don’t look that dissimilar to their 19th century ancestors. I asked if the tents have heat. I was told, yes, but the heaters will have been turned off, by the time that we are going to visit. The reason that I asked, was because my SIL, Jane, once stayed in one. She woke up one morning to five inches of fresh snow. Then there are the bears. Not only can’t you have food in the tent, which makes perfect sense, but you are not supposed to even have food in the car. Finally, there is the rock slide danger. Googling around, I found many government pages discussing the removal of historic buildings, from Camp Curry, due to the danger of falling rocks. I just hope that our tent is not on that edge of the camp. The funny thing about this lodging is its price, more than $200 per night. In 1899 the price was only $4 per night. This will easily be my most expensive tent camping experience. Anne just says that this trip will be an adventure. I hope that she is not too right about that.

The photo with this post was lifted off of Dave’s Facebook page. He has returned from his conference in San Diego and is back in the bosom of the Midwest. He posted a couple of hundred photographs under the moniker, “research”. In addition to the conference, he managed a number of tourist destinations, the San Diego Zoo, the Midway aircraft carrier and the beach. I find that one of the best ways that I can communicate with Dave is by using Facebook. So, how’s that working out? It’s like talking to a wall! 😉

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  1. sheesh! who is your fact checker?!?! 😉 when I was in Yosemite I was in my own tent, not some fancy-schmancy tent/cabin. and was up on top of the park. and it was about 10″ of snow overnight. and yes, the food was in a bear-box — one at each site. many, many campers were completely unprepared for the weather and left during the night or first thing in the morning. so my friends and I wandered around and procured LOTS of stuff left behind — including dry fire wood in a bear box!! AND a lovely tarp.

    have fun in Yosemite — it is stunning!!!

  2. Jane, what part of not letting the facts get in the way of a good story, don’t you understand? This is a free country though, so I guess that you are entitled to your version of the story too.

  3. Based on our camping experience in late May, Noreen and I suggest you invest in a good sized bottle of brandy. Enjoy.

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