A Swoopy Sort of Sunday

Witch Hazel Blossoms

I ate a bug. It was that warm a day. It has been a mild winter, bugs out in February mild. It has been the seventh mildest winter for the record books. It was nippy enough on Saturday that we agreed to walk instead of ride. We walked to the art museum. Afterwards, I felt the urge to ride, but Anne felt the urge to tax herself, federally. I got 15 miles.

Sunday we rode together, through the park and then on to Tower Grove Park. I could tell that Anne was having a good time and was in high spirits, because she would swoop from one side of the road to the other, when traffic permitted. Except for one time when we passed some kids on bikes and she felt obligated to set a good example, to toe the line.

In addition to the above pictured Witch Hazel blossoms, we also saw crocuses. The water fowl have already paired up and the backyard birds are beginning to show their colors, red for the House Finches and yellow for the Goldfinches. All signs point towards an early spring this year.

We cruised South Grand for lunch, but the traffic was a turnoff, so we decided to bail and headed over to Morganford. We tried to get into Local Harvest, but found it too crowded. We went down a block to Three Monkeys and enjoyed a late lunch of wraps. I also sampled Urban Chestnut’s Schnickelfritz beer and found it quite quaffable. We enjoyed a tailwind at least part of the way home. We got 22 miles and a great afternoon. It was positively swoopy.

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