Fat Tuesday


Today, is the official Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday, and today there was another Mardi Gras parade in Soulard. School and work, prevented Anne and I from attending this event, but I’m sure that Gary and Linda were there. Just like there are two Mardi Gras parades in town, next month, there will be two Saint Patrick’s Day parades, one on a Saturday and one on the actual date. As I’ve said before, Saint Louis loves its parades.

In the run up to Valentine’s Day, I was queued up for lunch in the café at work, and I entered into a conversation with a female colleague. I started to rattle on about my romance for Anne and mentioned that we had had a beach wedding. “Oh, you had a destination wedding”, she exclaimed. It certainly was a destination for some of our guests. My family had to travel clear across the country to attend, but I never thought of our wedding as a destination wedding. The other day, after Anne had jumped into a classroom infected with stomach flu, I didn’t mean to imply that she wasn’t still osculable, because she is.

We discovered that the bank had charged a $500 check to Dave’s checking account in error. The check is from an account that is only one digit off from his, so a human error could have accounted for it. Messages to the bank finally got the error corrected. The coincidental aspect of this bank error is that the check is from one of Dave’s high school classmates. Dave’s graduating class was less than a hundred, so the magnitude of this coincidence is pretty big. Dave’s summary comment about this incident was, “I never really did like [this person] in high school and now I have a reason.”

I’m sure you have all been wondering about what has been happening in the bicycle borne mileage horse race, between Anne and I. No? Well, I’ll tell you anyway. I am now officially in the lead, by one mile. I rode on Sunday and Anne did not. I won’t disclose our actual mileages, for fear of ridicule from some of our more bicycling active friends. I could claim age related grade inflation points, over some of these friends, but not Captain Don.

At work, I started a new project. The one thing that I can tell you about this project is that it is situated in Saint Chuck. Saint Charles is located across the wide Missouri from Saint Louis. It was the first state capital and is now a more rural and Republican county than Saint Louis, a self-proclaimed God’s country, home for real ‘merkins. It seems nice, except for doubling my commute. It is suppose to be a temporary assignment. We’ll see how long it lasts.

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