iPhony, iPhunny, iPhunky Mashup

Starting this post, I can’t decide if this is going to be another hate on Apple or not. It has all of the elements of one, what with the title and the accompanying YouTube graphic. We’ll just have to write and read to find out. I think that really this post will be about the banter of my co-workers that filled my time in New Mexico last week. Supposedly, what happens on the road, remains on the road, but is that really true for a blogger? I think not.

Setting the scene, imagine a Spartan control room, small, populated with a couple of computers, chairs, a couple of tables and a white-board. Placing the actors, imagine four, parts for three boys and a girl. I play the old fart, the rest are thirty-something’s. Finally, set you clocks to three AM, and let the curtain open on this soap opera, “The Nerd Chorral”.

Hey! Hey! Hey, Martha!
Can you do ten pushups in ten minutes?
Ding, fries are done!

Would You Rather,
Always have your elbows all the way bent,
Or, have paper skin?

MatLab Interlude

>> Why
The computer did it.
>> Why
Because, Bill obeyed a tall bald kid.
>> Why
For the approval from her.
>> Why
For the approval of Bill.
>> Why
Barney obeyed the rich and rich mathematician.
>> Why
In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.

The reader should be reminded that these memes were a lot funnier at three-in-the-morning. They seemed to get funnier after each night. In truth, this set of memes didn’t just spring into being, but evolved over the long week in New Mexico.

Hey! Hey! Hey, Greg!
Can you do this?
Ding, grid is done!

Would You Rather,
Six inch long arm hair,
Or, eat the same thing for dinner every night?

Jaws Song

Show me the way to go home
I’m tired and I want to go to bed
I had a little drink about an hour ago
And it went right to my head
Where ever I may roam
On land or sea or foam
You will always hear me singing this song
Show me the way to go home

This so called, “Jaws” song, is according to Wiki, a several hundred year old drinking song. Drinking was not an option on this trip. Even so, I seemed to wake-up every afternoon, feeling hungover. Part of this was dehydration from the arid desert conditions, but most of it was from sleep deprivation.

Hey! Hey! Hey, Christian!
Ding, test is done!

Would You Rather,
Be stuck in skis forever,
Or, always wear a mouth guard?

We had satellite radio in our rent-a-car, which in a land where everything is 45 minutes away was a Godsend. On those long morning drives back to the lodge and much needed sleep, I would listen to NPR, while I drove and Christian would listen to techno music. Both choices kept the driver awake and let the passenger sleep. Most of the techno music had no lyrics, but a few did. One of these that stood out, at least for me, was “Internet Friends (You Blocked Me on Facebook)” by Knife Party. I believe that the above SoundCloud version is actually a cover, but it is still pretty close to the original.

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