Three Rivers Petroglyphs

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The days and the nights have blurred together, but a couple of days ago, or at least it seems, we went to go visit the Three Rivers Petroglyph site. We arrived near sundown and toured the site until dark. It was a magical place. The following text is from the Three Rivers website.

This is one of the few locations in the Southwest set aside solely because of its rock art. It is also one of the few sites giving visitors such direct access to petroglyphs. The number and concentration of petroglyphs here make it one of the largest and most interesting petroglyphs sites in the Southwest. More than 21,000 glyphs of humans, animals and plants, as well as numerous geometric and abstract designs are scattered over New Mexico’s northern Chihuahuan Desert. The petroglyphs at Three Rivers, dating back to between about 900 and 1400 AD, were created by Jornada Mogollon people who used stone tools to remove the dark patina on the exterior of the rock.

As I have said, working nights have caused my days and nights to blur together. Sleep deprivation has caused, what I can only characterize, as a state of psychosis. Into this state a dream came to me, nay a vision. This vision was of the great Indian warrior and artist, Cheech Montezuma. Montezuma, or Cheech, as his friends and family called him, loved one pursuit above all others. He loved to make pictures. This vision of mine begins with Cheech announcing to his wife, Little Deer that he would once again climb the sacred hill and make pictures on the rocks. Little Deer though complained, “Cheech, you always run off to make pictures and think nothing of your family. I am reduced to digging in the earth for grubs and roots. Meanwhile, Greg Running Bear has hunted a Great Horned Sheep. He and his work wife, Little Deer, will have much meat to eat and a warm hide to wear. Why don’t you forsake your art and go hunting? I would love more than grubs to eat and a warm hide to wear.” Cheech though was not dissuaded and walked up the hill. Little Deer ran crying to her friend Little Mole and asked her to ask Greg Running Bear to speak with Cheech. Little Mole and Deer both entreated Running Bear to go after Cheech, which he did.

I must halt this tale at this time now, because it is time to go to work. What will happen to the great Cheech Montezuma, Greg Running Bear and little Mole and Deer? Stay tuned until tomorrow, for the possible exciting conclusion.

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