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I broached the topic of summer vacation plans in yesterday’s post and I would like to follow-up on this subject. First up, would be our trip to LA, to watch Dan graduate from college. While there we would like to see Anne’s Uncle Lou and Aunt Pearl. There is also our friend Cooper that we want to see and that is just LA. Anne has never seen Yosemite and it has 45+ years since I have visited this park. I called about lodging and the only beds left on the valley floor are in a tent camp. This would be fine, except when Anne’s sister Jane stayed there last, what she thought was a night of heavy rain, was actually 10” of snow, but hey, life is an adventure, right? We would then head north, almost to Sacramento, to the Gold Country, where Frank and Kathy live. Turning south, we would swing by Monterey and visit Chris and my Dad, and then sprint back to LAX. These are our plans for this trip. We still have to figure out is either of the boys will join us on this Tour de California. Dan will be there, but I don’t know his schedule. Dave could be returning from Hong Kong and could hook up with us. I also have to figure out how long this itinerary will take and this is just the first vacation.

Later in the summer, we will reprise last summer’s Michigan vacation. This year though, we’ll bike the UP, instead of the Lake Michigan shoreline. Any leftover time will be spent at the Cabin. There is still a lot of planning left to do, reservations to be made and people to be contacted. This vacationing biz is beginning to sound like work.

I thought that I was doing pretty well in the Luv-boat department, until yesterday, when Kubie pointed out that I owed Anne a dinner, or rather an all caps, DINNER. Anne bicycled 2K miles last year and that deserves recognition. Last time we did one of these recognition dinners it was at Tony’s, four stars Tony’s. Tony’s also happens to be the restaurant where I proposed to Anne, some thirty plus years ago. Finally, this last week was the fortieth anniversary of our first date. We attended a high-school concert of Bob Seger and the MC-5 together in our senior high-school year. So, instead of doing “pretty well”, I now seem to be floundering in the Luv-boat department. Amends must be made. Thank you, Kubie, for resetting me on this. Stay tuned folks! Valentines Day is lurking in the near future.

Anne is knitting Dave a Rams style hat. She hopes that it will look, just like one of their helmets. Yesterday, she was concerned that she had a twist in her knitting and was afraid that she could be making a Möbius strip cap. To wit, I had to ask, “How to you get your head around that problem, let alone get your head in it?” As it turns out, she thought that she had made a mistake, but she was mistaken.

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