2012 Calendar

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I made a calendar for 2010, but I never got around to finishing one for this year. I have made one for 2012. It uses some photographs that were taken in 2010 and some from this year. This post’s slideshow has the calendar’s cover art and each month’s main picture. New to this calendar that the 2010 one didn’t have are smaller photos, generally three per month that adds a lot more character to this product that the older one didn’t have. Also new to this calendar are the birthdays for most of the recipients. I’ll try to do better next time and get everyone’s. The final thing that I’ll need to add next time is at least a caption, if not an explanation, for the main photos. Until then, here is the explanation for the 2012 calendar’s photographs:

  • Cover – Header Sunset: Readers might recognize this photo as the one that graced this blog as the header photograph for most of this year. It is of course a cabin sunset. I could have made an entire calendar out of sunsets, but I limited myself to two, plus one sunrise.
  • January – Trumpeter Swans: These swans winter here near Saint Louis. They are the largest waterfowl in North America. This photo was shot at the Riverlands.
  • February – The Three Sisters: These three rocks are part of the Missouri Botanical Garden’s Japanese Garden. I think that the Japanese Garden looks prettier in winter than at any other time. Anne shot this photo and many of the other photos that appeared in the calendar.
  • March – Song Sparrow: This is a recent Riverlands photograph. I saw it sitting on the guard rail, and using the Prius as a blind, I electric glided up to it. The snap of the camera’s shutter startled it and it flew away.
  • April – Elephant Seal: Año Nuevo State Park is located just north of Santa Cruz, California. It is the mating and calving grounds for the Elephant Seal. A German tourist couple steered me to this seal. I got to within 50′ of it for this picture. It was sleeping when I approached, but woke up for the shot.
  • May – Pagoda Circle Sunrise: This sunrise bike ride photo was featured in my first post to be promoted on the WordPress Freshly Pressed web page. That was a giddy weekend of viral fandom.
  • June – Cabin Parking Lot: Look up! Sometimes you’ll see the most amazing things.
  • July – Cone Flower: Ubiquitous, in our front yard, this colony flower comes im many different colors.
  • August – Swimmer’s Sunset: Yep, that’s me in the picture. Who else could it be? No one else ever swims in the lake these days, except for polar bear Val. 😉
  • September – Water Lily: This is my favorite photograph of the bunch. It has perfect light, color and focus. Well, pretty good light color and focus, the best that I can do.
  • October – King Vulture: Taken in the Saint Louis Zoo’s Bird House, this bird is part weird and part creepy.
  • November – Maple Leaf: Color, light and detail made this photograph. You can’t really see the detail in the slideshow, but trust me it’s there.
  • December – Skating Santa: This is a great Christmas shot from last year. This year, on Christmas Eve, we saw Santa bicycling to the ice rink. Biking, skating, he has to do something to work off all those cookies.

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  1. what do you mean no one else swims in the lake?!? just because you’re not there when I swim (at least dunk) doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. why, just this past Labor Day weekend….

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