The Apple of My Eye

Dan arrived home today. His 3:30 arrival meant leaving work early. Anne’s 7:15 AM black-top duty got me up and out of the house in time to fit eight hours in before Dan’s arrival. Arriving home, he showed off his new iPad and the clever sketchbook cover he had fashioned for it. He had cutout the pages, like one might conceal a revolver, in one of his sketchbooks. He even left twenty pages in the book for analog notes, cute. The whole thing reminded me of the YouTube video that I linked to, a couple of days ago, on Norwegian Medieval Tech Support.

Somehow we got on the subject of the Las Vegas airport. When he flew through it he noticed an odor. At first he thought that it was coming from one of the people around him, so he moved. The odor persisted, so then he began to wonder if it was coming from him. Eventually, he decided that it was the airport that stank. I just thought that I would offer this as an aside. He flew through Dallas today, so I don’t know how we got on the subject. Anyway folks, he’ll be here all week, so come on back.

His friend, Bekah, is getting married tomorrow. She and Cat once visited the Cabin. The three of them drove Harry crazy that summer with their ever-growing collection of take home containers that eventually filled up his refrigerator. That being said, I offer her and her intended our congratulations and best wishes. I hope tomorrow is their special day, the one that all wedding couples deserve.

Almost a year and a half ago, I bought four iPhones (3GS), “One ringtone to rule them all & with a 2 year contract bind them“. In this time period, we have collectively lost four iPhones (Anne not included). One was lost at sea in Lake Superior; one phone’s battery failed; one was stolen and one has died of indeterminate causes. Two were lost to carelessness and two were failed phones. Anyway you cut it; it is still a 100% casualty rate. So far the bill for this has not come due. Two lost phones were replaced au gratis, a third was borrowed and the fourth’s failure has just come to light.

So why should I continue to invest in such shoddy merchandise? Well, because when they do work, they work marvelously. Dan and Dave both need new phones. My contract with AT&T comes up for earliest renewal next month, just in time for Christmas. I expect to see a pair of iPhone 4S under the tree, or there about. So much for me being a secret Santa, but what about Dad, and Mom? I think that we’ll wait for the iPhone 5, next year.

3 thoughts on “The Apple of My Eye

  1. I was interested in the Norwegian Medieval Tech Support link when you first posted it but wasn’t in the right circumstances for viewing at the time. Now that I see what it is, we have used it in usability workshops at work 🙂

    I’m up for a 4S for xmas even though my 3GS is still going strong after almost 2 years.

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