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The CalArtisans a blog run by a friend of Dan’s at CalArts, posted pictures of one of Dan’s recent art works. This work, entitled, “A Train Departs the City Traveling 55 MPH”, was part of the CalArts Mid Residency 2011 art show. I have shamelessly lifted one of the three photographs of Dan’s art work shown in the blog post of this art show. Checkout the other two on the link provided. I especially like the interior shot. Dan had a preliminary showing of this piece last spring, but this show marks its official debut. Dan used a CAD program to draft the brickwork, shingles and windows. He jobbed the actual wood carving out to a laser etching house. The sawhorses are from IKEA. Check out the above CalArtisans link to see how Dan’s work stacks up to some of his colleagues.

Anne has developed a fascination with spokes, as in wheel spokes. We’re primarily speaking of car wheel spokes here, but it has begun to spread. Now, I’m not saying she is looking to drop a grand or two on a set of fancy chrome rims, but her fixation is sometimes just as scary. She likes to count spokes. This is the same person who counts prime numbers instead of sheep when she wants to fall asleep, so maybe I shouldn’t be too disturbed about this spokes thing. It is just the excitement that she exudes when she finds some new or amazing number of spokes on a wheel. We could be walking, biking or driving and she’ll just shout out thirteen. Thirteen what, I ask? Spokes, on that car, she answers. It has begun to infect me too. When I walk the parking lot at work, I too find myself counting spokes. Once I spied a car with an even number of spokes, an oddity, at least to my mind. After work, I related my discovery to her, but she was rather nonplussed about it. I am so far behind the curve.

I don’t believe that the Saint Louis Cardinals made any world breaking news today. That being the case, in a day or two, certainly this week, I plan on mailing to Carl our collected copies of the Post-Dispatch’s sports section for the last week or so. They’re not hard to find. They show up on the front yard every morning and they are always the cover section of every issue. I hope that he will like them. If not, recycle or reuse them. You can line the bottom of your parakeet’s cage with them. What, no parakeet, how about a raptor, as in velociraptor. Ouch!

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  1. I’m not counting custom rims. It’s easier if the car is stopped, although 3 and 5 spoke wheels can be counted while rolling. This all started when we were having our monthly breakfast out with a view of the cars stopping at a light. What can I say, except that I count (and I vote)!


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