Illuminated Autumn Leaves

Today was a day for furnace fun. We spoke with the first contractor just after eight. After he left, I did too, off to work I went. That left Anne, home alone, to deal with the onslaught of calls and meetings that lasted the rest of the day. In the end, she met with five different contractors and has meetings with two more tomorrow. She texted me that she now had a headache that was at least by proxy induced by CO. We’ve received proposals from three of the contractors already and have gotten informal estimates from a couple more. Things are moving pretty quickly. We might get a new furnace installed this week. The forecast is for a high in the eighties tomorrow, but on Wednesday they are predicting rain and a big drop in the temperatures. So the race against old man winter is on.

Tonight is another Word Series game night, the last one in Texas. The Series is tied 2-2 after last night, so it is time for the Cardinals to take the Series lead again. Win or lose though the Cards will be back in Saint Louis on Wednesday, when the weather is supposed to turn south again. That is then and this is now, so go Redbirds!

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  1. That was a weird and frustrating game. Add to that the morning news that LaRussa called for, but got the wrong pitcher, twice, in the bottom of the eighth, because of a bad phone connection to the bullpen. Anyway, it is good to be out of Texas. Now it is all on us!

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