Gotta play ’em one game at a time

I dragged myself into work this morning, after having taken the last two days as sick days. On the way in, I made my usual Starbucks stop. It was busy, as it usually is these days. Aaron, the manager, had gone to last night’s game. He sounded a lot like me, but I suspect that his voice was due to shouting in the cold air and not because of germs. He is going again tonight, because “when you work fulltime, you have money.” While I and the other customers awaited our beverages, a bustling market for comparing ticket prices was going on among the crowd. There was at least a factor of two in price quotes, but that doesn’t account for seat location differences either.

At work there was a palpable sense of excitement, partially leftover from last night’s game and partially in anticipation of tonight’s. Dragging myself back into the land of the living, after having lived the last two day’s at death’s door, people seemed so much so, friendly, outgoing and cheerful. Speaking of death’s door, an advisory on the morning drive’s radio, warned about the increased chance of heart attacks, when a town experiences a big sporting event, like the World Series. So root for the Cardinals, but don’t get too excited about it.

At lunch, a rousing discussion erupted that parsed the minutia of last night’s game. Fact checking was aided and arguments settled with the Post’s sports section, which naturally was also today’s front page. A great bit of photo-journalism really made the front page. Most of it is taken up with a picture of Chris Carpenter lying across first base and also sideways across the fold, all the while staring at the camera. A Post article about Fox’s game coverage explained why Fox is both happy and disappointed with last night’s game. In the Series, Fox manages to squeeze in almost three-minutes of commercials before each half-inning. This is thirty-seconds longer then in the regular season. Every time Cardinals manager, Tony La Russa makes a pitching change, Fox goes to commercial break. Fox likes Tony, because he is capable of making up to three pitching changes in an inning. What Fox did not like about last night’s game was its ending time, 10:13 CT. Fox has calculated that peak ratings are hit between 10:15 CT and 10:30 CT, after primetime, but before bedtime.

My commute home was snarled almost all the way home. The stadium’s gates opened at five, which was just about the time I hit the road. After several detours, and a stop at the store, I made it home. I popped the pizza in the oven and commenced to blogging. I’m finishing writing this post, after dinner, with just minutes before the game. Go Cards!

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