Occupy Cooperstown

So, the Cards won the pennant and there is joy here in Mudville, but where is the love? MSNBC titled last night’s win, “Cards Win Ugly”. In the body of the article this was mollified with, “Cards Beat Ugly”. There by placing the onus of ugliness not on the winning Cardinals, but rather the losing Brewers, but it might as well have been buried on page thirteen.

I’m so angry that I made a sign!

It is pledge drive week on NPR, so I have taken to listening to podcasts on the way to work. This morning’s show was “Hang Up and Listen”, Slate’s sports gabfest. Dated October 12th, it wasn’t up-to-date enough to cover the series with the Brewers, so it had to contend itself with the division series between the Cardinals and the Phillies. After listening to Stefan Fatsis and his crew, I predict that they will again dwell upon this series, in one week from now.

I won’t believe corporations are people until Texas executes one.

You see folks, for these members of the media elite (OMG, I’m channeling Sarah Palin), when the Phillies lost in game five, the baseball season was over. Kaput! Philadelphia was the last best hope for these effete Easterners. Who cares which one of four, middle market teams, from Flyover-Land, beats the other three.

You know things are messed-up, when librarians start marching!

Through the course of their discussion, they alternately whined that it wasn’t fair that a lesser team, like the 3-2 series winning Cardinals, could knock-off a 100 game season winning team, like the Phillies, but it was fair for big market teams like the Yankees and the Phillies to have huge payrolls. Well, Mr. Fatsis, et al. welcome to the majors! OBTW, Isn’t the current plutocracy the underlying cause of our financial difficulties?

First they ignore, then they laugh, then they fight, then you win.

I probably come across as a Cardinal fan with ruffled feathers, and well I should, because the unkindest cut has come from closest to home. They now live on the Left Coast, but before they use to live in Flyover-Land too. They both graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington, they are both Texas Rangers fans and they are both my brothers. Not since the Civil War has brother been pitted against brother, the North versus the South. That was a battle royal that cleaved this nation’s soul. Can’t we avoid that strife again? Can’t we all just get along? Can’t we have joy in Mudville, again?

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