Monet Ball

OK, I am flummoxed. It is near the witching hour and I have nothing to show so far for today’s blog. I had great plans that I could tell you all about on bended knee, except that it would be better to just tell you all the facts.

  • Anne and I both worked today.
  • Anne and I both bicycled (independently) eleven miles today.
  • Friday night the Saint Louis Art Museum is open late. While the entire museum is dedicated to art and most of it is free to all, as inscribed upon its mantle, except for special exhibits. On Friday, all exhibits are free (see mantle). We went to see the exhibit of Monet’s Agapanthus (Nile water-lily) triptych. In the ’50s Saint Louis and two other American art museums each bought a third of this triptych. Over the years they have been joined together, about once in a generation. This is the third time. More on this to follow.
  • Tonight brings high culture, food and baseball joy, we watched the Cards beat the Brewers in a sports bar. Coming into a sports bar, especially in the middle of a big game, defines the need for high culture in America’s pastime, Tut, tut, but it is hard to beat fries, fried food, beer and baseball, especially Saint Louis Cardinal baseball.

For all this sound and fury I would have expected a little bit more from this post, too much wool gathering, not enough spinning.

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