I want to be Evil

I want to be evil, I want to spit tacks
I want to be evil, and cheat at jacks
I want to be wicked, I want to tell lies
I want to be mean, and throw mud pies
– Eartha Kitt

Anne [almost*] got hit in the head with a chicken leg, albeit a plastic chicken leg. She taught kindergarten today. At recess there was one little girl who was wearing a princess dress. She was flouncing and bouncing around. “I’m learning martial arts”, she announced, “I’m learning karate from my brother’s karate teacher.” I’m thinking warrior princess. Was her name Xena?

* Anne made me add this clarification, but I think that it lessens the impact of the story. Is stretching the truth that bad? 🙄

The Nightmares Fear Factory in Niagara Falls, Canada, has raised the Halloween haunted house fear factor to a most terrifying level. Not only are you shocked, surprised and scared like you would be in any normal haunted house, but then at the moment of absolute terror, your picture is taken and then posted on Flickr for all to see. Oh, the horror! I perused through several pages of these photographs and found them hilarious, and I don’t even know any of these people. Imagine if one or more of these pictures were of people you knew. Brr-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha 😆

I am an avid NPR listener, until this week. This week is pledge-drive week at KWMU. In order, to avoid the zombie drumbeat of calls for pledge calls I am switching to steaming audio from non-pledge driving public radio stations at home and Slate podcasts on the road. This is bad enough behavior, but I have a truly awful confession to make, I am not a member. I know what you are thinking, but please remember this post’s title, “I want to be Evil”. I’m not afraid of the consequences of my actions. I’m not afraid of NPR. I’m not even afraid of Ira Glass. Bring it on Ira! I have your sex tape and I will spill it, if you call. Did I just publish? 😳

PS – Happy Birthday, David! Please, don’t join any wolf packs, get lost in the desert, or go looking for strippers or cocaine, because that would be evil, but still try to have some fun in Vegas. 😥

PPS – Here is a YouTube link to Eartha Kitt singing, “I want to be Evil”. Good evil, requires great talent to pull off well.

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