Signs of Fall

Signs of fall abound this week. It is the week after Labor Day weekend, the weekend that marks the traditional end of the summer vacationing season. A cool Canadian air mass descended upon us over Labor Day weekend; bring with it an end to this summer’s punishing heat and cooler, more fall-like temperatures. These moderate temperatures have lasted all week long and look to persist for this weekend’s MS-150 bicycle ride. Leaves are beginning to fall from the trees, but that has as much to do with our drought as with the changing of the seasons. The most telling sign of fall this week is the dual departures of both Dave and Dan, back to their respective schools. Dave drove back to Purdue on Monday with one of his roommates. His roommate got dropped off at the house by his girlfriend, so we got to meet them, but I am too tentative on the spelling to try to write his name here. It was the roommate that does the cooking, but I couldn’t tell you if it is also the one that is in biomedical-engineering or the other one. Today, Anne drove Dan and Amanda to the airport, for their flight back to LA and CalArts. I met them there in time for a quick hug, but not in time enough to avoid a move along from a pesky airport cop. I returned home tonight for another sign of fall, an empty nest. The little birds have flown the coop and Anne and I are left with an empty nest again. Maybe tonight we’ll get a good night’s sleep, instead of being awakened at twelve, two and four? 😉

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