“The Marriage of Figaro” made for a late night. We didn’t get to bed until after midnight. I’ve never been a big fan of opera, but the Soo Theater Company’s production seemed quite professional and Mozart’s music was great. The Soo Theater itself, is still a reconstruction project in progress. There is new seating now, but the ceiling is still a mess. There is one more matinee production of Figaro, on Sunday.

Late nights make for late risings, on the morning after. Breakfast, packing and one last walk down the beach, equated to a noon launch. On the walk, we saw six vultures circling overhead. I’m sure they were just looking dying gulls and not us, right? Everyone grab a stick and form a circle facing outward.

We chose to fly down the backside of the front, skirting green, yellow and red blobs all the way down M127 to Jackson. By the time we turned east, the storms had moved on. Dinner at Anne and Bill’s was FABULOUS! Jane appeared too, we all had a good time. Tonight, we rest at Chez Harry’s, even if Harry is not here, his spirit persists.

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