Home Again

We, being both Anne and I, are back home in Saint Louis tonight. It has been a long two days of driving, all the way back down from the Soo. I have been away for 18 days, while Anne has been out-of-town for 37 days. I definitely have work tomorrow and Anne may too, since school is already back in session. The first picture with this post is of Harry, Bubs, Anne and I, on the beach, Saturday morning. This photograph is courtesy of Paulette. The second photo is of Anne’s cousin Anne, also-known-as Kayak Women. We met her, Bill and Jane for breakfast, Sunday morning. It was sort of a reprise of Saturday night. Finally, Anne and Dave, who we met for lunch at Purdue. We switched cars with him, the Corolla for the Prizum. He definitely got the better deal. He is sharing an apartment with two Indian graduate students, Arun and Tarun. Tarun likes to cook and Dave likes what he cooks. Dave’s classes start on Monday. It will be nice to sleep in my own bed again.

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