102 °F

The title says it all, hot, triple digit hot, except that it doesn’t give the full story. A hundred is only what the mercury says. It doesn’t talk about the humidity and its associated heat index; that would be 111 °F that is what it feels like here in the Lou. That’s what it felt like yesterday too and maybe except for Thursday, what it will feel like for some time to come. I just hope that this summer is not shaping up to be as hot as the first summer that we lived in Saint Louis, which would be 1980. That summer had 18 triple digit days. That summer we didn’t have any air conditioning, not at home and not in our black car. We survived, but quite a few people died that summer, due to the heat. That was the fifth hottest summer on record. Thirty-one years later, all our cars have AC and the house has central air. So when it gets hot like this, we can always seek refuge at home and hunker down. That gets boring though, and eventually leads to cabin fever. Fortunately, at least for Anne, her sister and brother-in-law arrive Wednesday. They’ll endure Saint Louis for a couple of days, before they head east and then north. Maybe, once they get to the Cabin, they’ll find cool weather?

6 thoughts on “102 °F

  1. Ah, north. Mental compensation for the heat/humidity I’m immersed in here, too—except, of course, for vehicles and buildings with air….

  2. 57 degrees when I left for work, 72 degrees when I returned.
    But really – we want to sell more water, so a few degrees more would be nice.

  3. Good News, Jay and Carl! Just for you, we’re offering a limited time offer. Today and tomorrow’s high temperatures are supposed to be only 88! 92 on Friday, then back up to the high 90s through next week.


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