Anne’s Morning Rides in the Park

The last two mornings, Anne has been getting up and getting out on her bike, I however, have been rolling over and then going back to sleep. So today’s post is a guest post, courtesy of Anne. The picture with this post is from her too.

On Wednesday, I got out the door and on the bike by 6:40 AM. I rode three times around the Park, plus one Muny mile for a 22 total miles. My goal is to break 1000 miles by end of June. I hit 655 on this day. I have promised myself a massage after 1000 miles.

Hmm, the early bird gets the worm, but on Thursday, I slept in a little. I didn’t get out the door until 7:50 am. I met Jim L. at the traffic light at Skinker. He used to work at the Corps of Engineers back in the day. Skinker is paved on the east side, but not the west side of the street, with a 3” jump, so I just walked across. We talked very briefly, and then we went opposite directions on the bike path.

I ran into Jim again at the top of the hill in Kennedy Forest. He was on his second lap, while I was on my first. We talk for quite a while, catching up, and letting the sweat evaporate. I do one more lap, and then go to Schnucks to get bananas and Gatorade. By the time I leave the Park, they have put asphalt on one of the Northbound lanes too. The bag on the back rack is not very stable with a six-pack inside and bananas on the top as I tilt the bike over to throw my leg over. It’s fine as I coast down the hill on the way home.  I take the bag off the rack first before dismounting. One of the things that Jim told me about was a website, Crazy Guy on a Bike, which is about bike touring. Check it out! 

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