American Gothic

This photo of my parents was taken at their home in Texas, by my brother Chris. It was probably taken about thirty years ago. Both my parents are dressed for gardening. Over the years, they landscaped seven homes together, usually starting from bare ground. The similarity between this photograph and Grant Wood’s painting has caused us to title it likewise, as American Gothic.

At work, there is a group of guys that are camera buffs. Here are a couple of links to Mike’s and Christian’s Shutterfly websites. Check them both out. Mike is the more experienced photographer of the two, but Christian is always trying something new. Another member of this clique, Edmond, circulated this YouTube video, Battle at F-Stop Ridge. It is professionally made and funny too. The other photo with this post was taken by Anne, at the boardwalk amusement park in Santa Cruz. The umbrella covered picnic tables give the picture a bold, brightly colored geometric pattern. The clean crisp Californian sun only accentuates the photograph’s colors and geometric lines.

Dave was supposed to fly into town on Friday evening, but he missed his plane. In the past, oversleeping was the excuse, but since his flight this time was at 5 PM, that was not the cause. Besides, he was at the airport, with plenty of time before his flight. The problem though, we was at the wrong airport. He went to Baltimore, his usual departure point, but his flight was from Reagan-National. He was able to rebook, for Saturday and for an additional $75. On Saturday, his flight is from Dulles. Do you think that I should give him a wakeup call?

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