Back in the Swing of Things

I would like to thank you all for all the kind cards, emails and comments. You’re heart felt condolences, sympathies and prayers were most appreciated. We miss Mother dearly and will remember her. Thank you, for you’re kind expressions.

Anne and I returned to work on Thursday. I was still on California time, so I showed up late for work. Anne, at least had the excuse of not being called, until it was too late to make the first bell. At least, this is a short work week.

As of writing, Anne is 22 for 26 in the month of May. Even though she bicycled last Friday morning, before our morning flight to LA, she still missed four days, while we were out west. Have no fear though; our feckless female cyclist has derived a face-saving paradigm. Just like her school year has been extended into June, due to an over abundance of snow days this year, so to will her National Bicycling Month. We rode together Wednesday, for 15 miles and she rode another four miles Thursday evening. I should criticize her for this obsession, except that I’ve been there before myself. I’ll just encourage her, instead.

The pictures with this post show newspaper sports cartoons that were displayed on the walls of Danny’s in Venice Beach. They date back to 1913-1914, when the Venice Tigers, a minor league Pacific Coast League baseball team, played in Venice, CA. More famously known as the Vernon Tigers, they played in Vernon and then Venice, because these were the only two cities in Los Angles County that permitted the sale of alcohol. As the cartoons imply the Tigers were a rather hapless team. Their history beyond Venice involved many more moves before their eventual demise. I believe that the Angels mentioned in these cartoons is the same club as today’s Anaheim Angels. At Danny’s, I sat facing the wall where these cartoons were hung. So, I got to study them during our meal. I loved the way that the cartoonist, Springer, was able to describe a game, a series, or even a whole week of play in one cartoon. Click on them to enlarge.

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  1. Hello!
    Glad you enjoyed those Tiger cartoons. They’re from a collection of original clippings I was able to buy off of Ebay – collecting images & ephemera from our short-lived PCL team makes for a great treasure hunt – there’s not much out there. Springer is a terrific cartoonist and I was thrilled to acquire these and share them at Danny’s in the Venice sports bar side of his establishment. For anyone visiting Venice, you need to drop in at Danny’s – it’s like our international visitor’s center. And until we get a museum proper (working on it), this is our de facto Venice Museum. FYI, for our 2005 Centennial we held a Venice Tigers Revival Softball game with our fire department, Station 63 – great time. Also, Ebbet’s Field Flannels is now making Venice Tiger throwback jerseys & caps.
    Best regards, T
    Todd von Hoffmann

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