Sunrise Services

Easter morning, I got up early, and attended sunrise services at the church of the spoken wheel. I biked in the Park. The chance of rain on Sunday was 100%, but in the morning the rain held off and there were even fleeting glimpses of sunshine through the clouds. Touring the Park, I got 16 miles.

It being Easter Sunday, the Saint Louis chapter of the horseless carriage society was holding their annual car show in the Park. This year was the 50th anniversary of this show. In truth it is two shows in one. On the upper Muny lot, the classic cars convene, while on the lower Muny lot, the modified cars, the so-called hot rods, can be found. The picture with this post is of one of these lower lot hot rods. On this gray day, even its orange paint job looks muted.

Since I had biked to the Park, I had a bicycle, which caused some of the car owners no end of concern. I was cautioned to be careful several times. So, I took to locking up this unruly beast and touring the car show on foot. This seemed to make the car owners happier, but also increased my geek factor.

On my way out, I encountered a couple backing out a 1963 Chrysler Turbine Car. The man was backing it out of a covered car carrier. It made the distinctive whine of a jet engine. He backed it up about 100’, but when he went to put it into drive, the engine died, again with the distinctive fading whine of a jet engine shutting down. The couple pushed it back towards the trailer, eschewing my offer of help. They pushed it close enough and then the man busied himself with the trailer’s winch. They planned to display it where it sat and then winch it to safety, when the rain came. I noticed that the truck hauling the trailer was a county parks and recreation vehicle, but that didn’t mean anything to me until later. I Googled the car and discovered that the Saint Louis Museum of Transportation owns one of the few remaining examples of this car, Chrysler owns the rest. Here is the Wiki page on this car, interesting reading.

On Saturday night, Chris and Sandi organized a dinner party at the Schlafly Bottleworks in Maplewood. There were about twenty-five of us in attendance, mostly Team Kaldi’s members. Sandi and Chris were celebrating their 15th wedding anniversary and Chris was also celebrating his 50th birthday. The party was organized as a “beer dinner”. Not too surprising, since the Bottleworks is a brewery.  The dinner offered a tasting menu, with six or more courses. The items offered were ones not usually found on the Bottleworks’ menu and each course was paired with a different beer. The food was good, the company was great and the beer wasn’t too bad either. 😆 Anne and I both had a good time and enjoyed celebrating Chris and Sandi’s milestones.

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