Modern Mark Art

Marquis Regen-Axe’s three-part painting Red, Yellow and Blue Reflections questions the nature of representation. The red, yellow and blue enamel paint Marquis applied to the back of each of the individual glass panels is actually and inversion of the usual painting process. Instead of just constituting an image, the red, yellow and blue paint becomes the ground for reflections off of the glass. The deep red, yellow and blue defies our attempts to see exactly what is contained in either the paint or its reflection. In this work Marquis upholds the possibilities of reflective illusions by denying personal artistic expression and the traditional materiality of painting. Created using glass, enamel and paint, Yellow and Blue Reflections, was a gift to the museum by the artist and his admirers.

The preceding part of this post was my pre-storm throw something up now, because you might not be able to later post. Fortunately, at least for us, Friday night’s storms passed by us, instead of over us. Coincidently, our contractor made an appearance on Friday, or at least left tells. The fallen bricks that have been decorating our front porch were moved and placed under a tarp. I suspect that the mason wanted to have dry bricks to work with, instead of wet ones. They are forecasting up to ten inches of rain over the next few days. As of writing, on Friday night, the front has passed, but not without damaging some parts of town. A tornado appears to have passed through north Saint Louis County. Initial signs included a debris ball on the Doppler radar returns. Reports are coming in of damages to the airport. I wonder what my fourth floor desk, just across the tarmac looks like? Maybe I should have left the umbrella out? 😉

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