Happy Birthday Chris!

Now, for our third birthday in a row, today is my brother, Chris’s Birthday. I won’t say how old he is except to say that as of today, his age is one year less than mine. Those that know me can do the math easily enough. And what better way to celebrate Chris’s birthday, than with a post that features a couple of pictures of Chris. I took the first photo, when last Chris and I walked the ridge top road together. Chris and our folks, live down this road. The second photograph is another one of Chris’s pictures, a mural along Cannery Row. Like yesterday’s photo, this one commemorates John Steinbeck’s Cannery Row.

Beehive, the musical that we saw on Tuesday night was fantastic! The six actresses were able to cover the entire decade fabulously. Speaking of cover, the show was basically a sequence of covers of prominent female singers of the 1960s. I didn’t mind this, because unlike their male counterparts, like Elvis and the Beatles, female covers are a bit of a novelty. The first act spaned the first half of the decade, with some thirty songs crammed into it. Special attention was given to the Supremes, Cher and Petula Clark, the designated female representative for the British invasion. There were elements of audience participation in the play, but we were too far back to be involved in any of those activities. I did get my own solo in during intermission. While waiting in line for a urinal, I slipped in beside Tom, a co-worker, and before he noticed me, I got out; you don’t love me, anymore. Pretty gay, wouldn’t you say? The second act was more focused, with only a dozen songs and a more in-depth coverage of the artists covered. Most prominently featured were Tina Turner and Janis Joplin. As I’ve said before, this was a great show and a fitting end to the season.

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