Old Man Winter, it is time to go!

Last weekend’s spring-like weather, came to a crashing halt on Monday. With dawn’s early light, it became apparent that winter had snuck back to Saint Louis. A couple of inches of wet, slushy snow greeted me on my morning commute. The streets department must have been just as surprised as me, because no effort had been made to clear the roads. The morning commute was a sloppy mess. I posted an iPhone picture of this scene to Facebook, and a certain someone who shall remain nameless “liked” it. You know who you are! But don’t feel too gleeful about this weather setback or too sorry for me either, because the weatherman is predicting highs in the 70s for later this week. 😉

OK, enough ranting about the weather, after all this isn’t Michigan. What I really want to do is give a shout-out to Dan. He called on Sunday and was just chock full of news, so today I’m sharing his news with you all.

Dan has been accepted at Ox-Bow for this summer’s session. Located in Saugatuck, MI, Ox-Bow has been in existence for over a hundred years. It was founded by and is still affiliated with the Art Institute of Chicago. The summer session runs 12-13 weeks. The best news though is that he received one of just four fellowships that were granted. His merit based fellowship will cover the cost of the summer session, including tuition, room, and board.

Dan is also waiting to hear from Skowhegan, another summer residency program, which is located in Maine. If he is accepted there, this program will also be free, because CalArts will cover the cost. If Dan is accepted at Skowhegan, this will place him on the horns of a most delightful dilemma.

Dan has already lined up a ride east for the summer. Another Webster alum is relocating from San Diego to DC and has offered him a ride back to Saint Louis. He’ll help with the gas and driving, and enjoy another transcontinental road trip.

Dan doesn’t have an art show this semester, but he will have a couple of new works completed by the end of the term. His first piece will involve small dioramas, constructed inside mason jars. His second project is both larger and more ambitious. Using CAD software, he laid out the design for a building, four walls and a roof, with lots of detail, like roof tile patterns. He has arranged for a firm to translate his design into form. This company, using computer controls, will laser cut wood panels with Dan’s design. A side benefit of this technique is that the laser etching will also scorch the wood, giving it a natural finish. Dan plans on having a bunch of these buildings made. He’ll mount them on model railroad cars, place the cars on track and then support the track using IKEA saw horses. He hopes to have this completed for a CalArts open house.

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