Breakfast, Birding and Biking

Sunday was another busy day. I’m happy to be back to work today, because I need the rest. Anne and I began our day by walking up to Stratton’s in Clayton. This Stratton’s is located in the plaza anchored by the Ritz Carlton. Before breakfast, we walked up to the intersection of Hanley and Forsyth, where we found the glass tower pictured below. It was built on the site where the first Borders Bookstore opened in Saint Louis. Before that, the store was the Library Limited. After Borders moved out, the building was vacant for years, before it was eventually torn down and replaced with this office building. I found its coloration interesting, especially in the gray overcast of Sunday morning.

After returning from our walk, we quickly turned around and re-launched towards the Riverlands Conservation Area. We saw a few Bald Eagles, but they were quite a ways a way and not all that photogenic. We didn’t see any Trumpeter Swans, but some of the people that we spoke with had seen some, so they are supposed to be still around. What we did see, were American Pelicans, hundreds of them. When pelicans fly they do so in a spiral flight pattern. What I find most interesting about this, is that as they spiral round and round, they also spiral in and out of sight. They are quite visible when viewed from their broad side, but then nearly invisible when viewed edge on.

The final leg of this B, B and B blog post is of course biking. It was getting late by then and we were just a little tired, but we launched towards the Park and got 10 miles. Thus, we got material for another triple-B post. It has been a busy three-day weekend. So busy, that I have neglected to mention that on Friday night we went to go see that Scottish play, Macbeth. It was a dark and stormy night. No really it was. We went out to dinner and then to The Rep, to see the play, dodging rainstorms all the way. I had biked that morning and was feeling it by Friday night. So come, the second act I began to doze, but then my Lady Macbeth began to stab me in my side, with her dagger-like elbows. She would then whisper something about snoring and Shakespeare do not mix. Like I said before, I’m happy to be back at work this Monday.

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  1. I had Friday off, b/c it was a Prof. Development Day for the regular teachers. Mark took a vacation day so we could go to the Home & Garden Show when it wouldn’t be as crowded as on the weekend. (Also, it looked like our weekend was going to be pretty full already.)

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