Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park

As frenetic as our weekend started, by Saturday night all blog-worthy activity had ground to a halt here in RegenAxe-land.  Sunday was at best, a recovery day.  Fortunately, my Bros’, Chris and Frank, sent along a little something to share with the blogo-sphere.  They drove down California’s central coast highway to Big Sur and then on to Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park.  The two photos were taken in the park, by Chris.  They didn’t mention it, but I’m sure that a visit to Nepenthe was also involved.  After all it was on the way.

12 thoughts on “Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park

  1. I’m chuckling, because when I first read your post title, it came across like a newspaper headline: “Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park” (i.e., I was thinking *ARSON*?? Consumed an entire STATE PARK??). Then I realized that “Burns” was a surname, not a verb…

  2. I should have explained the history of the park some. Julia Pfeiffer was a pioneering woman in the 19th century, who settled in the Big Sur area. She married a man named Burns and they ranched there. The land that the park resides on actually belonged to another couple named McWay, for whom the waterfall was named after. Upon their death they donated their land to the State of California and asked that the park be named after Julia, their neighbor and friend.

  3. 2008 Basin Complex Fire from Carmel Valley

    In the summer of 2008 the area around Big Sur and Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park did suffer from forest fire. At that time Bro’Chris sent along this rather striking photo of the fire’s mushroom cloud.

    I’m just trying to get this rather unruly class back on task.

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