The Boys Are Back In Town

Just like Dan managed to escape LA, before all of the creeks rose out of their banks and then all of the dams broke, Dave managed to make it into town before Saint Louis’ expected Christmas Eve snowfall.  It looks like we’ll be enjoying a white Christmas this year.  This is the first time in a long time that the whole family has been together.  As part of our end-of-year retrospective here in RegenAxeLand, we dredged up the preceding photograph that was first published in January, but was actually taken years earlier.  At first publishing, the following description was written about this picture:

Photographing children is a task best accomplished quickly.  Fumbling with the camera, taking too many shots or taking too long to make the shot can all lead to childish behavior that is not conducive to good photography.  That is unless you have PhotoShop and know how to use it.  Left to right we have Liz, Dan, Val, Mouse, Dave and Janet.  Liz’s sign starts off “Robin”, but we couldn’t read anymore of it.  I warned them at the time, that their faces would freeze like that.  Maybe, I should have been clearer and said, your faces will be freeze framed like that. 😆

So today is Christmas Eve, which means that tomorrow is Christmas Day.  The thoughts of all those little boys and girls out there have turned to wondering what presents will the morrow bring.  As our boys have grown, the ease with which I am able to select presents for them has diminished.  Gone are the days when all that was required to Christmas shop for them, was to make a quick trip to the local toy store.  Gone too are the days when I was cognizant of all of the latest Dungeon and Dragons offerings or which Warhammer miniatures were the most desired.  Nowadays, I could walk into an electronics store, like Best Buys and attempt to buy the perfect gift, but would likely fail.  “Dad, I [don’t want | already have] that game [system].”  I’ll probably fallback and rely upon one of those staid and completely boring exciting gift ideas, like [censored] or even worse better, [censored].  Probably I say, because come snow or high water, I’m going shopping on Christmas Eve.  Funny though, yesterday, before work, I stumbled upon what they really want.  Team Unicorn has it, even if their titles are too clunky to express it.  I just don’t know how to get it for the boyz.

I stumbled upon Team Unicorn and their movies and was pleasantly surprised with their production values, but mostly with their choice of themes.  Their themes cut close to home.  In an interview, they were asked why the name Team Unicorn?  Their response, like geek girls, unicorns are supposed to exist too.

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  1. The sign is a placeholder for Robyn (she spelled it wrong), who wasn’t there that summer, and Mouse is wearing her “water-spider” outfit (three skirts), not that you asked 😉

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