I’m back in the saddle again …

I’m back in the saddle again
Out where a friend is a friend
Where the longhorn cattle feed
On the lowly gypsum weed
Back in the saddle again

I got back in the saddle again on Saturday and rode 15 miles in the Park.  I haven’t bicycled since before Thanksgiving, almost four weeks.  First there was the trip to Michigan, then there was the cold weather and work, don’t forget about work.  I got plenty more excuses if you need to hear them.  No?  Anyway, when ever I get back on the bike after having been off of it for a while, it feels a little odd.  Yesterday was no different.

In addition to riding, I also took a few pictures.  I lucked out and was able to get close enough to the Belted Kingfisher to get a pretty good shot of it.  They are usually a very skittish bird and I have found that normally it is impossible to approach them.  On the other hand, with their penetrating rattle call, they are also pretty easy to track.  I actually recorded the following audio off of the iBird iPhone App.  It had better audio quality than the real thing.

Saturday was the first time that it made it above freezing in about a week.  I expected to see more cyclists than I did.  I barely made my sanity quotient of six other cyclists.  I can’t remember how I arrived at the number six as a sign of sanity, but fewer than six is a sign of mental instability and the fewer and fewer that I see indicate increasing levels of mental disorder, until I ‘ve become a crazed cyclist, a cycle-path.  Fortunately, Kaldis’ teammate, Dr. Mad. pushed my quota over the top as my number six rider.  Some may question the efficacy of relying upon a mad doctor to make ones sanity quotient.  Maybe I need to make an adjustment or better yet ask Bill to make it for me?

2 thoughts on “I’m back in the saddle again …

  1. Oh, YAY for sanity quotients! I had often wondered (as I joined them) about the sanity of the folks who have engaged in the mass exodus from Genesee County every weekday morning at O-five-thirty to slog along in slush, snow, or even ice at 0-25MPH in order to get to work….. and have decided that activity is more along the lines of Mass Hysteria than “sanity”…

  2. Anne and I rode today and like yesterday we were on the hairy edge of sanity. We again only got six other cyclists. At one point I was ready to start counting Anne, but that seemed too much like counting the psyche ward patient in the adjoining bed. Anyway we got our six other cyclists, so we are still “normal”.

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