Thanksgiving Notes

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  • It was great seeing everybody over the holidays!
  • Thank you for putting us up and for putting up with us.
  • We dropped Dave at the airport. 
  • He flew safely back to Washington, DC.  We’ll see him again at Christmas. 
  • We then turned the car south and headed home.
  • Maybe driving through Ohio, the day after the Michigan/Ohio State game wasn’t such a good idea though.  Sort of like picking at a fresh scab.
  • The Maplewood-Richmond Heights High School football team lost on Saturday, 34-13, in the Missouri Class 2 State Championship.
  • Even so, Go Blue Devils!
  • We made it home safe and sound, after a long, long drive. 
  • Thank goodness for audio books.
  • Just a little over two weeks before Dan comes home for Christmas.
  • Do I have to go to work tomorrow?

2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Notes

  1. Whaddya mean, driving through O-haaaaa-o is like picking a fresh scab? 😉

    Slow day at my work. Pond is iced over, 2 not back from holiday travel yet, 1 at the ER, and my loverly work Windows laptop had a mind of its own this morning. Finally had to re-a-start the dern thing. Long-suffering, cat-herding person beat us all in though.

    Wonderful Thanksgiving weekend! Wish every year could be this much fun.

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