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This week, before work, on both Monday and Tuesday morning, I have managed to crawl out of bed, go downstairs and then go biking.  I find it strange that I couldn’t mount this effort back when the weather was unseasonably warm, but waited until November’s true nature showed itself, but I guess that is just me.  I got 10 and 16 miles, respectively.  I took the picture of the Muny and Pagoda Circle in the dark.  I rested the camera on a bridge pillar and took a one-second exposure.  I think that this technique deserves more exploration.

Anne is seen modeling, in her very own independent fashion, two of her latest knitting creations.  The headband and matching fingerless mittens are for Ashlan.  We were eating dinner together while the NPR Marketplace business show blared out from the kitchen radio.  I don’t know how exactly we got on the subject of retirement and the proposed raising of the standard retirement age from 65 to 69, but we couldn’t decide when the proposed increase would occur.   Would it occur in 2018, 2048 or somewhere in-between?  But why let the facts (or the lack of them) get in the way of one of Anne’s great soliloquies:

The year is 2048, the place a classroom in Saint Louis.
 “Oh no, it’s that old bag Mrs. R.  I bet you that she is a hundred years old.”
 “Not yet honey, not for another six years.  Then I can finally retire.  I remember way back in the day when a person could retire at the age of 65.”

After dinner, I blogged for a bit and then we sat down on the couch and watched Glee together.  It was a fun episode that managed to smash together, substitute teaching, Gwyneth Paltrow and the musical, Singing in the Rain.  Paltrow may do a better musical song and dance routine than Anne, but Anne is the better substitute teacher.  Nine out of ten teachers agree.  The tenth teacher was some disgruntal gym teacher named Sue Sylvester.

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  1. Can’t comment on Glee, but I’m sure you’re right that Anne is a better substitute teacher than GP…but, just perhaps, the early riding is related to the recent time change?

  2. Sadly, “Glee” is on Tuesday nights… right smack in the middle of band rehearsals. And I can never remember to go to their site and view the episode-just-aired…

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