Seems it never rains in California

Seems it never rains in southern California
Seems I’ve often heard that kind of talk before
It never rains in California, but girl don’t they warn ya
It pours, man it pours.

The two pictures with this post are from my brothers, Chris and Frank.  Together they show two different views of the storm that hit northern California on Sunday.  The first picture came from Frank.  It was snapped at a Lake Tahoe ski resort.  In the 1960s, when we were all much younger and all of us were living in California together, we drove up to Tahoe for a family ski outing.  Frank, the youngest, took to the slopes with abandon.  He was so small and so light that we all joked that he didn’t need a lift, because he was light enough to ski uphill under his own power.  These days he is neither as small nor as light as he was on that day.  None of us are, but he still hits the slopes with abandon.  He has traded in his skis for a snowboard, but will be sailing downhill on a regular basis now that the season has officially begun.

What was fresh powder in the mountains of Tahoe was rain along the coast of Monterey.  Chris and I went to Point Lobos, but the incoming storm quickly drove us back to the car and then back to the house.  Chris shot his HDR photo out of the sliding glass door of his bedroom.  In addition to the artist’s talent, you might notice one other interesting aspect of Chris’ photo.  It is the first of what will be many more pictures to breakthrough the 600 pixel barrier that this blogger and his blog have been straining against for some time.  To facilitate this breakthrough I have also shortened the list of widgets in the sidebar.  I might have pruned the sidebar a little too severely; I’ll have to think about that some more.  Anyway, I hope that you full screen viewers like the changes.

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  1. Oooh, LOVE that photo of the fog/mist rolling up the hills! Made me think at first it was a photo of waves crashing against a rocky beach!

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